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Muavza - Zameen Ka Paisa

  • Movie
  • Comic Capers
  • Drama
  • Annu Kapoor, Akhilendra Mishra
  • Hindi
  • Comic Capers, Drama
  • NA
  • NA

Five hare-brained brothers from a Gujjar family — Chowdhary Jaikishan , Jasram , Jaspal, Jagbir, Jaiveer — are born with a silver spoon in their mouth. They fall prey to the carefully crafted, malicious plans of a machiavellian village pandit Bechu Bhai, who, in turn, ensures that they taste the sand beneath their foot. Upon realising that the acres of land Chowdhary brothers own in the small hamlet of Aari (bordering capital city Delhi) can fetch crores of rupees if sold to builders who are looking at massive expansion, Bechu takes over the remote control of their lives and plays with the strongest emotion common to all these vacuous brats — the zeal to be the greatest Chowdhary around.

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