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  • Movie
  • Drama
  • Anmol Goswami,Sumeet Kaul & Others
  • Hindi
  • Drama
  • 6.8

Suhani, a young girl getting conned into the flesh trade operated by a goon called Bali. Circumstances make the brutal Bali believe that Suhani is lucky for him and so gives her a royal treatment compared to the other girls in his coterie. Several months later, Pihu, her brother Maulik and an older sister land in Bali’s den after their uncle sells them to Bali. While the older sister escapes the trauma by killing herself, Pihu is subjected to a Hyderabadi business man’s gaze, who is keen to marry her. How Suhani helps Pihu and her brother escape from Bali’s clutches forms the crux of the tale.

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