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Forbes Kazakhistan reports Zee TV Russia’s Razia Sultan among the Top 10 Serials

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Thanks to Zee TV, the liking for Indian Serials is becoming increasingly popular among the Russian diaspora. In the last 3 months, historical sagas such as ‘Jodha and Akbar’ and ‘Razia Sultan’ have gained immense popularity on digital platforms in Russia and CIS vis-à-vis foreign & local content available in the market.
Last week, Forbes Kazakhstan published an article with a list of most-viewed content as on 1st Jan 2018. Razia Sultan figured on the 6th position among the top 10 serials on the online platforms.
Zee TV serials are widely showcased on Russia’s largest digital platforms such as IVI.RU (40 mn users) and TV-ZAVR (25 mn users), to name a few.
In November 2017, IVI.RU witnessed more than 2.3 mn views for the serial – ‘Jodha and Akbar’ and was ranked 2nd among the TOP-10 popular content in that month. This was the first time where an Indian serial outperformed foreign content, especially American content, that dominates the market.
Zee TV Russia – changed its strategy last year from being a General Entertainment Channel to a Movie and Serial Channel to increase its time spent in the local market.  The channel took a further step by offering its content to digital platforms. Digital viewing is currently at a nascent stage, but slowly picking up in the local market.
Zee TV Russia has tied up with a couple of digital platforms where our viewership is steadily growing on a month-on-month basis. Unlike our TV audience, our content is mostly viewed by the 18 – 34 years age group.

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