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The 20 Most Powerful Women in Global Television 2016

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Sunita Uchil (India)
Chief Business Officer, Global Syndication, Zee TV

India is used to dominating its home market, whether in film (Bollywood nearly always beats Hollywood on the subcontinent) or on TV. But that’s not enough for Uchil, who’s determined to bring the best in Indian TV to the world, and not just the diaspora audience. With a diverse population of more than 1 billion people, India “can draw on a rich culture for content creation,” she says. Uchil was instrumental in setting up a “format factory” at Zee, developing in-house productions instead of relying solely on imported fare. “Licensing our formats can be a bigger [business] for us,” she says.
By Hollywood Reporter: Scott Roxborough, Alex Ritman, and Etan Vlessing

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