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Zee TV Launches Vishkanya – Ek Anokhi Prem Kahani

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Amidst bungalows reeking of class & generations of family money in an old-world Kolkata lane, stands an oddity of a home… Ghosh Baadi. Run-down & seemingly ready to collapse into a pile of wet dust every monsoon, it is clearly out of place amidst its gleaming neighbours. Within the walls of this large, yet curiously sparse & run-down Bengali household stays a family of women who largely keep to themselves. There’s Kalpana Ghosh – a proud, yet financially struggling lady who uses her seductive charm to stay afloat in a man’s world, Kalpana’s mother, her daughters Tapur & Aparajita. They don’t mingle much with the neighbours and the neighbours, in turn, keep the Ghoshs at an arm’s distance.

Aparajita (Appu) has grown up in a bubble, isolated from the rest of the world under the close surveillance of her ultra-protective mother- Kalpana. Tutored at home, Appu has never been allowed to step out of the boundaries of her house. To all her queries, she was simply told that she was suffering from an ailment & had to gain immunity before she interacted with the world outside. Aparajita is, in fact, from a lineage of Vishkanyas. Oblivious to the poison running through her veins, she longs to live life in all its glory and is hopeful of a bright future. Little does she know that she is a mere pawn in a larger game Kalpana  is playing, that the poison she carries will be used, one day, as a weapon of revenge she seeks. ZEE TV’s next fictional offering of the year – Vishkanya – Ek Anokhi Prem Kahaani will premiere on March 28th and air every Monday – aturday at 6:30PM

Conceptualized by Vivek Bahl and produced by Nissar Parvez and Alind Srivastava of Peninsula Pictures, Vishkanya is a unique, modern-day fairytale romance. The love story begins to unravel when their ultra-wealthy Marwari neighbours – the Mittals return to India after spending many years abroad. With his good looks and charm, their son Malay is the most eligible bachelor in Kolkata. He gets smitten by Aparajita – Appu as soon as he catches a glimpse of her.

Debutante Aishwarya Khare will be seen playing the role of the protagonist Appu, while handsome actor Vin Rana will play the character of Malay Mittal.Former model and actress Rohini Banerjee will make a comeback to television in the role of the ultra-protective yet enigmatic Kalpana. Veteran actressKashish Duggal will play the role of Nandita Mittal, Malay’s mother.

Zee TV Business Head Pradeep Hejmadi says, ‘Vishkanya is a part of our constant endeavor of presenting audiences with different flavors of entertainment. Zee TV has consistently led the weekday 8 to 10:30 PM band across GECs and introducing this novel, differentiated concept at 6:30 PM, we aim to further fortify our early primetime band.  A unique, modern-day fairytale romance set against the backdrop of a revenge thriller, Vishkanya has elements of mystique, intrigue and drama needed to excite the viewers.’

Producers from Peninsula Pictures say, ‘We’re excited to partner with Zee TV in presenting this dark romance. In the show, while the protagonists come to terms with their curse gradually, the audience is aware of the situation all through and will feel connected with the couple. They will long for an impossible culmination where the two lovers are liberated from this curse. While the love story forms the forefront of this tale, there are other layers such as family clashes, social and cultural contrasts, revenge, age old secrets that will make the show even more intriguing’

So, will Appu and Malay be able to extricate themselves from this web of a curse and a dark past? Where will this lead the lovers? Will this love story have a happy ending?

To find out, tune into Zee TV’s next primetime offering ‘Vishkanya – Ek Anokhi Prem Kahaani’, starting March 28th every Monday to Saturday at 6:30 PM!

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