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  • Movie
  • Comic Capers
  • Romantic Hits
  • Abhishek Bachchan , Vicky Kaushal,Taapsee Pannu
  • Hindi
  • Comic Capers, Romantic Hits
  • 6.9
  • Awards & Recognition : Nominated for Star Screen Awards and won Best Music.Nominated for 64th Filmfare Awards : Best Music and background scrore.
  • Arabic, German, Russian

Rumi is in love with Vicky. One day they are caught by Rumi’s family and pressure builds for them to get married. Rumi promises her family that Vicky will come with his parents to ask for her hand in marriage and if he doesn’t show up, she will marry whomever her family chooses. Vicky gets cold feet and Rumi marries a mature and responsible banker, Robbie. One day, Vicky shows up to tell Robbie about him and Rumi, she tells Vicky that she wants to stay in the marriage. Rumi ends up sleeping with Vicky. Robbie finds out about Vicky and is heartbroken. Robbie files for an annulment of the marriage. Rumi realizes that she is in love with Robbie and Vicky was never the “husband material” she was looking for. Initially reluctant, Vicky leaves Rumi. Rumi meets Robbie in court. They sign the papers. On the way, Rumi answers the questions Robbie had asked her. Ultimately, Robbie forgives her and they reconcile.

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